Prom Postponed Because of "Weather"

A Message from the South County High School Principal

By Matthew J. Ragone
Principal's Corner
April 06, 2018
Above Image - Old Town Alexandria, outside the Torpedo Factory, this year's Prom venue. 


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Prom Postponed Until June 2. Here's why....

This isn't the first time we have been fooled by the weathermen and it probably won't be the last. I would prefer they not say anything at all about the weather until it was a sure thing. Anyone who's heard me talk about the weather knows that I am fond of saying, "Don't believe what you hear until 48 hours out." 

Yet, regardless of my distrust of weather media, we probably would still have postponed Prom. Here's how this went down. 

Tuesday evening and most of the day Wednesday, we received a lot of calls from Prom organizers, vendors, parents, and students asking what we will do if FCPS cancels weekend activities due to the snow forecast, which at that point was between 5 and 8 inches.

The administrative team immediately started researching options with the teacher sponsor. We reasoned that there were two worst case scenarios: First, FCPS doesn't cancel activities, we get snow/ice, we have prom, and someone gets hurt. Or, FCPS cancels activities, but not until late Friday or early Saturday, giving prom-goers zero time to make alternate arrangements for dinner, tuxedos, limos, family celebrations, etc. etc. 

Therefore, we decided that if the vendors would work with us, we would make a decision to postpone as soon as possible. By mid-day on Thursday our teacher sponsor had contacted all vendors and arranged for an alternative date of June 2. The administrative team met again to consider the date and decision to postpone. We approved the plan in time for us to make a PA announcement to students before they left the building. A News You Choose was also sent to the community soon after. 

We understand and sympathize with families that this decision has caused you anxiety, cost, and just general frustration. We sincerely apologize. However, even as the weather forecast turns less scary every minute, we stand by our decision because we wanted to save students the hardship of an even more last second change; as well as ensure the safety of our kids. Ultimately, this was the safest decision.

We are so grateful to our vendors for working with us. At the risk of losing money in the short term, they all bent over backward for South County, which makes for excellent business relationships in the long term. 

Therefore, we extend thanks and appreciation to these Prom vendors:

Torpedo Factory Arts Center (TFAC)


Catering By Dana

John Farr Lighting Design

DJ Tunes

City of Alexandria Police

We also received a call from the Men’s Wearhouse at Springfield Mall. If students wish to move their reservation to June 2nd there will be NO FEE. A $20 cancellation fee remains if they cancel their order entirely. 

Thanks for your understanding and your patience. 

Matt Ragone