PA Announcement from April 20, 2018

A Message from the South County High School Principal

By Matthew J. Ragone
Principal's Corner
April 20, 2018

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PA Announcement about the Potential for a Student Walkout

Good morning Stallions. I want to just mention briefly for those of you who might be considering joining the walkout this morning that we sent notice to your parents and the community last night explaining the Fairfax County position.

I also want to encourage student leaders to talk with me in advance of things like this if you are interested in participating. As it stands now, I haven't heard from any students and we can only guess at the numbers and the potential for disruption. That makes it very difficult to operate a school. So, in the future, let's talk. My door is always open to you. 

Next, if you are considering participation, again we don't encourage or discourage it, I want you to consider three things before you choose:

First, if you talked with your parents about this and they directed you not to participate, my advice is to do what they said. 

Second, ask yourself why you want to participate. If it is for a sincere and high purpose, great. But, just because we're adults doesn't mean we don't know the other connotation to 420 and many of you may be thinking this is about something else. Or, if your aim is to simply get out of class, or to disrupt learning, then you not only risk getting into serious school trouble, you disrespect your fellow classmates who have something important to say. Whether you agree with it or not, they have the right to say it. 

And lastly, if you wish to contribute to the national conversation, consider what you are willing to sacrifice. Your absence is considered a class cut and you therefore may have to sacrifice a test, quiz, classwork, or participation grade; if you're an athlete with a game tonight, you may be sacrificing participating in that game. Only you can decide whether this cause is important enough to risk these sacrifices. And, only you can choose - please don’t pressure your classmates either way. 

If you choose to do it, please accept the consequences and know that we aren't going to judge you for your decision. We continue to be very proud of our students for adding responsible and articulate voices to important conversations - regardless of the content. Above all, please be safe and make good choices. 

Have a nice weekend.