Technology Information for SCHS Families

Laptop distribution for students at SCHS

  • Laptops will be distributed to SCHS students during the first week of school via their English classes. 


Parental Consent for students to use Digital Resources

  • Parents/Guardians: We need your consent - Some FCPS-approved digital resources require parental consent before they can be used by students. Each student’s enrolling parent or guardian will need to indicate whether or not their student is allowed to use the list of FCPS-approved digital resources this year. Please use this link to the Parental Consent form  to indicate if you will or will not give consent for your student to access these digital resources, it is preferable if this filled out as soon as possible. To view the list of digital resources, click this link: Digital Resources at South County High School . If you need assistance with filling out the form, please access these instructions: How to fill out the application permission form.


SIS ParentVUE Accounts

  • New families to FCPS should receive a letter in the mail regarding the SIS ParentVue Account and activation key in mid August and even through September depending when a family registered their child. The activation key does have an expiration date so it is important to set up the SIS ParentVue account as soon as possible. If a parent or guardian believes they did not receive a letter or is concerned that they do not have a SIS ParentVue account at the start of school, they can  request assistance with obtaining a new or replacement activation key by submitting this online request at . Additional information can be found on the SIS Parentvue Account page.


Sign up for Weekly Report to monitor your child's browsing activity on their FCPS laptop

  • FCPS has tools to help parents and guardians know more about their child’s activity on the child’s assigned FCPS device. You may sign up for a weekly Parent Report, which will provide a list of the top sites your child visited. If you want more detailed information, sign up for the Internet Use Parent portal and log-in anytime to see more detail about your child’s browsing and “pause” access to the internet during non-school hours. Find out more about Lightspeed Monitoring and sign up for these services.


What should my child do if they need support for their laptop ?

  • Each school has a Technology Support Specialist (TSSpec: pronounced T-speck) that provides support to the staff and students for FCPS devices at that school. If your child has a technology issue with his/her assigned FCPS device while at school, he/she can request a pass from the teacher during a class period (at the teacher’s discretion) or visit the TSSpec’s office in D110 before school and/or during any lunch period. If your child is having a technology issue with the FCPS device at home, please visit the Technology Support for Families page, where you can find tips for common problems or enter a support request ticket for your child.