The K-pop dance team teaches Dr. K. how to dance Gangnam Style at the Pep Rally!

By Leslie Lewis, Technology Specialist at SCHS
April 19, 2024

The Spring Pep Rally, as always, was fueled with celebrations of sports teams, student performances, and fun antics. However, SOCO witnessed a sight they'll never forget; our very own principal, Dr. Khoshaba, surprised everyone with an epic dance performance alongside our SOCO K-Pop dance team! 

Our K-pop team entered the court leading a hype routine filled with energetic choreography featuring both forward and backward flips galore. As the dance progressed, a dancer did a high-flying flip but fell down and injured himself. Another student and Dr. Khoshaba immediately stepped in to check on the student. As the student slowly got up from the floor while being supported by Dr. Khoshaba, he then limped toward his team. Next, the song “Gangnam Style,” blared through the speakers, Dr. Khoshaba and the “injured” student (the student pretended to be hurt but was fine) leaped in the front of the dance team, with Dr. K now sporting sunglasses and a smirk on his face. The crowd erupted as our principal, busted a move alongside the seasoned dancers, keeping pace and rocking the choreography!

The performance was fun and Dr. Khoshaba clearly had some hidden talent, executing a few of the moves with surprising skill and enthusiasm. The K-pop team fed off his energy and appeared to really enjoy his effort and participation! 

This wasn’t the first time Dr. Khoshaba surprised SOCO, earlier in the year, he made a brief appearance with the SOCO Step Team last Fall. Dr. Khoshaba has shown us that he is not just our administrator, but he is also a person that has demonstrated that it's okay to step outside your comfort zone and embrace something new. Most importantly, he is supportive of students’ voice, talents, and wellbeing. Shout out to all our SOCO community for showcasing and celebrating their gifts, talents, and simply coming together for a good time.

Check out the fun performance below: