Transcript Requests

The process for obtaining school transcripts for current students or graduates

Transcript Request Procedures (South County High School)

Transcript Assistant

Current Students

Transcript Request Process and Deadline Dates 2022-2023

  • Parent/Guardian and student must complete, print and sign the Consent for Release of Student Records. Scan and e-mail as an attachment to @emailThis form needs to be submitted only 1 time.  Transcript requests will not be processed without this consent on file.
  • Complete the Transcript Request Google Form. This form should be filled out separately for each college/program where transcripts are to be sent.
  • There are currently NO transcript fees for current students.  The Seventh Semester grades will be sent automatically in Mid-February when available.  The Final Transcript must be requested through the Senior Survey.  You can check the status of transcripts sent on Naviance.
  • Should you need to make any changes to an existing transcript request (i.e. deadline change, withdrawal of request) please contact Ms. Lauria directly at 703-446-1632 or @email.
  • Requests should be submitted according to the following schedule to meet the required deadlines. SCHS cannot guarantee on-time delivery for request received after the deadlines indicated below.
College Deadline: SCHS Transcript Request Deadline:
October 15th September 23rd
ANY November October 3rd
ANY December October 28th
January 1st -14th November 18th
January 15th -31st December 2nd
ANY February January 9th
ANY March     February 3rd

Former Students Who Graduated/Attended Within the Last Five Years

Transcript Request Procedures (FCPS Central Office)

Former Students Who Graduated More Than Five Years Ago

  • If you graduated from South County High School more than five years ago, your transcript is held at the FCPS Records Center. Please call 703-329-7741 or email Records Center at @email.

Graduated More Than Five Years Ago?