Transcript Requests

The process for obtaining school transcripts for current students or graduates

Transcript Request Procedures (South County High School)

Transcript Assistant

Current Students


Most college and scholarship organizations require that your official transcript be sent directly from South County to their institutions.  Students should adhere to the following process to request their official transcripts:

  1.  Submit the enclosed “Parent/Guardian Consent to Release”.  Both the parent and/or guardian signature are required to sign this form for students under the age of 18.  Parent and/or guardian signature is not required if the student is aged 18 or older.  A hand signature is required. Form needs to be scanned and emailed to @email or to @email. THIS FORM ONLY NEEDS TO BE SUBMITTED ONCE.  Our transcript office cannot send records on behalf of a student unless this form is on file.  A blank consent form is also attached for you to complete and send in with your student.  Please drop completed forms in the Student Services office.  If you have already submitted this form, there is no need to resubmit.
  2. Complete the College Admission form electronically at:
  3. A separate transcript request form must be submitted for each institution where you would like your transcript sent.  ALL Common App schools must be submitted individually on the google form.
  4. There are currently NO transcript fees for current students.  You can check status of transcripts sent in Naviance.
  5. If you make any changes to an existing transcript request (deadline date change, withdrawal of request, etc.) please contact Mrs. Lauria directly at 703-446-1632 or @email.
  6. The transcript “package” includes the transcript, a secondary school report/recommendation form completed by your counselor and a school profile.  The transcript office will automatically send a mid-year updated transcripts for all schools/institutions that have been requested.  Seniors will complete a survey at the end of the school year to select where their final transcript needs to be sent.
  7. Requests should be submitted according to the following schedule to meet the required deadlines. SCHS cannot guarantee on-time delivery for requests received after the deadline indicated below.

College Deadline:

SCHS Transcript Request Deadline:

October 15th

September 15th

November 1st

October 2nd

November 15th

October 16th

December 1st

November 1st

January 1st

December 1st

January 15th

December 2nd

February 1st or later

January 3rd


  1. Confirm Consent to Release Records form has been completed and submitted to @email.
  2. Complete the Scholarship and other Programs form electronically at
  3. Transcripts will be sent with a School Profile.  Any recommendations to support scholarship applications MUST be requested from the counselor directly and are not automatically included by submitting through this form.

NOTE - Requests to send SAT and/or ACT scores must go to (SAT) or (ACT).

Former Students Who Graduated/Attended Within the Last Five Years

Transcript Request Procedures (FCPS Central Office)

Former Students Who Graduated More Than Five Years Ago

  • If you graduated from South County High School more than five years ago, your transcript is held at the FCPS Records Center. Please call 703-329-7741 or email Records Center at @email.

Graduated More Than Five Years Ago?