Student Services Staff

South County High School Student Services Mission Statement

The South County High School Student Services Program strives to develop responsible, independent, and productive self-advocates who can reach their full academic and social/emotional potential. Through collaborative efforts with students, staff, parents/guardians, and community members, we foster a supportive environment in which all students have equal access to a rigorous curriculum while providing a framework to maximize individual potential and prepare students to be college and career ready in the 21st century world.


Director of Student Services


School Counselors

Students are assigned a school counselor based on their last name. For example, a student with a last name beginning with A through Br would have Ms. Megan Cooper as her student counselor.



Email Address

Phone Number

Megan Cooper A - Bor @email 703-446-1703
Laura Hanley Bos - Dp @email 703-446-1706
Arnold McNeal Dq - Haq @email 703-446-1705
Mehreen Naghmi Har - K 703-446-1704
Becky Freeman L - Mx @email 703-446-1805
Erica Mack My - Ray @email 703-446-1806
Brittany Maslowsky Raz - Suv 703-446-1804
Michelle Gunderman Suw -  Z @email 703-446-1803


Other Student Services Staff