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African Student Association Ayodele Akeowo, @email  
Band*** Kevin Engdahl, @email  
Black Students Unite SOCO

Deborah Hicks-Johnson, @email 

RC Gamble, @email

Business Honor Society

Christopher Long, @email

Scott Evans, @email

Book Club Emily Strong, @email Library
Chorus*** Antonio Rodriguez, @email Choral Room (G125)
Boardgaming Ilan Chiprut, @email A112
Bollywood Cheryl Gannaway,  
Computer Science Club Bo Jones, @email B145
College Partnership Program (CPP)

Leslie Lewis,@email

Jenelle Fernandez-McDuffie, @email

IMS Lab in Library
Dance Team Wendy Alexander,  

Kellen Scott, @email 

Vera Woodson, @email

Sarah Hinkhouse, @email

Drama*** Molly Rumberger, @email G139
Dungeons and Dragons Gregory Lee, @email  

Danny Southard, @email

Caroline Bruss,

Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

David Long,@email

Jayne Byrum, @email

FCA- Fellowship Christian Athletes Cyruss Shroff, @email  
Forensics Ronielle Romney, @email  
French Club Susan Baker, @email C201
Future Business Leaders of America

Christopher Long, @email

Scott Evans, @email

Digital Art Design Bob Christie, @email C106
Gardening Club Jane Byrum, @email  
Ice Hockey Interest Club Mike Pflugrath,  
International Thespian Society Molly Rumberger, @email  
International Club Jenelle Fernandez- McDuffie, @email C203
Japanese Club  Nichole Tsuruta, @email  
Key Club

Megan Pitts,

Sally Perry,

Korean Student Association

Lisa Cridlan, @email

Ayodele Okeowo, @email

Latin Club

Cristina Procaccino, @email

MC Moshos, @email

Linguistics Club Cristina Procaccino, @email C209
Literary magazine ( Xanthus) Troy Ketch, B112
Manga Advisory Council Michelle Abrahamson, @email B208
Math Honor Society ( Mu Alpha Theta)

Danny Southard, @email

Ann Baylor, @email

Math Team

Jr. Math League: Steve Brumet and Safia Elhassan

Virginia Math League: Eron Grabowsky

Military Connections Tynan Rolander, @email  
Model United Nations Alyssa Pyrak, A140
Model Judiciary Cheryl Gannaway, @email A134
Muslim Student Association

Holly Biehl, @email

Dr. Abdel Hady Ebrahim, @email

Minority Achievement Committee Vera Woodson, @email  
National Art Honor Society Justyne Fischer, A230
National English Honor Society

Sam Ballard, @email

Christina Sohn, @email

National French Honor Society Susan Baker,  @email C201
National Honor Society

Kristina Brody,

Charlene Ragins, @email

National Latin Honor Society MC Moshos, @email C214
National Spanish Honor Society Janet Beckmann, C229
Orchestra Marci Swift, @email  
Partners Club

Walter Bagwell,

Karen Katzberg,

Angela Bashore, @email

Psychology Club Sara Jeanblanc, @email A111
Quill and Scroll Honor Society Carol Floto, @email Jennifer Delinski, @email B134
Rho Kappa National Soc. Studies Honor Society  Tom Demharter,, A118
Sexuality and Gender Acceptance- SAGA Cristina Procaccino, @email C209
Scholastic Bowl Eric Greiling, @email B144
Science National Honor Society Mary Engels, B205
Science Olympiad TBA  
Soco Eco Club

Kristina Brody,

Mellisa Maher, @email

South County Smile Club Janet Edgington,  
South County Women Engineers Christopher Long,  
Stallion Ambassadors Becky Freeman, Erica Mack, and Caroline Bruss  
Stallions for Refugees

Wendell Johnson, @email 

Jenelle Fernandez-McDuffie, @email

Stallions for Serviceman Robbie Smith, Gym
Social Group (NEASONS) Heather Frost,  
TSSC (Technlogy Social Skills Club) Karen Katzberg, C234
Teenage Republicans/Young Republicans Tom Demharter, @email A128
Tri-M-Music Honor Society

Kevin Engdahl, @email

TSA- Technology Student Assoc.

Abdel Ebrahim, @email

Safwat Hanna, @email

Vietnamese Student Association Troy Ketch, @email  
Woman of the World Jennifer Delinski, @email  
Yearbook (Lock and Key) Jennifer Delinski, @email B136
Young Democrats Anthony Black, @email A118
Young Feminists Club

Jennifer Delinski, @email

Troy Ketch,

Young Life Breakfast Club Meryl Cox, B112

***  These are curricular classes with extra-curricular opportunities. Should you be interested in those opportunities, please contact the teacher listed.