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Animanga Michelle Abrahamson  
African Student Dance team Mr. Okeoeo  
African Student Association Ayodele Akeowo, @email  
Arab Student Assoc  Safia Elhassan  
Band*** Kevin Engdahl, @email  
Best Buddies  Walter Bagwell  
Black Student Alliance

Deborah Hicks-Johnson, @email 

RC Gamble, @email

Business Honor Society

Christopher Long, @email

Scott Evans, @email

Book Club Emily Strong, @email Library
Chess Club Andrew Chrichton  
Chorus*** Antonio Rodriguez, @email Choral Room (G125)
Boardgaming Ilan Chiprut, @email A112
Bollywood Cheryl Gannaway,  
Computer Science Club Bo Jones, @email B145
College Partnership Program (CPP)

Leslie Lewis,@email

Jenelle Fernandez-McDuffie, @email

IMS Lab in Library
Dance Team    

Kellen Scott, @email 

Vera Woodson, @email

Sarah Hinkhouse, @email

Debate  Dan Summers  
Drama*** Molly Rumberger, @email G139
Dungeons and Dragons    

Danny Southard, @email


Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

David Long,@email

Jayne Byrum, @email

FCA- Fellowship Christian Athletes Cyruss Shroff, @email and Meryl Pipken  
Forensics Sam Ballard  
French Club Susan Baker, @email C201
Future Business Leaders of America

Christopher Long, @email

Scott Evans, @email

Digital Art Design Bob Christie, @email C106
Gardening Club Jane Byrum, @email  
Ice Hockey Interest Club Tom Demharter  
Indian Student Association Jaya Santram  
International Thespian Society Molly Rumberger, @email  
International Club Jenelle Fernandez- McDuffie, @email, Meryl Pipken and Linda Wyman C203
Japanese Club  Nichole Tsuruta, @email  
Key Club

Megan Pitts,

Sally Perry,

Korean Student Association Christina Sohn TBA
Latin Club

MC Moshos, @email

Linguistics Club Zach Gianelle C209
Literary magazine ( Xanthus) Behtany Effgen B112
Math Honor Society ( Mu Alpha Theta)

Danny Southard, @email

Ann Baylor, @email

Math Team

Jr. Math League: Steve Brumet and Safia Elhassan

Virginia Math League: Eron Grabowsky

Military Connections    
Model Congress Club Deborah Hicks Johnson  
Model United Nations    
Model Judiciary Cheryl Gannaway, @email A134
Muslim Student Association

Dr. Abdel Hady Ebrahim, @email

Minority Achievement Committee Vera Woodson, @email  
National Art Honor Society Justyne Fischer, A230
National English Honor Society

Sam Ballard, @email

Christina Sohn, @email

National French Honor Society Susan Baker,  @email C201
National Honor Society

Kristina Brody,

Charlene Ragins, @email

National Latin Honor Society MC Moshos, @email C214
National Spanish Honor Society Janet Beckmann, C229
Orchestra Marci Swift, @email  


Psychology Club Sara Jeanblanc, @email A111
Quill and Scroll Honor Society Jennifer Delinski, @email B134
Rho Kappa National Soc. Studies Honor Society  Tom Demharter,, A118
Sexuality and Gender Acceptance- SAGA Zach Gianelle and Linda Wyman  
Scholastic Bowl Eric Greiling, @email B144
SOCOAST Step Team Rc Gamble and Melody Barnes  
Science National Honor Society Mary Engels, B205
Science Olympiad Kristina Brody and Maerna Kauffman  
Soco Eco Club

Kristina Brody,


South County Smile Club Janet Edgington,  
South County Women Engineers Christopher Long,  
Stallion Ambassadors Becky Freeman, Erica Mack  
Stallions for Refugees


Jenelle Fernandez-McDuffie, @email

Stallions for Serviceman    
Social Group (NEASONS) Heather Frost,  
TSSC (Technlogy Social Skills Club)    
Teenage Republicans/Young Republicans Tom Demharter, @email A128
Tri-M-Music Honor Society

Kevin Engdahl, @email

TSA- Technology Student Assoc.

Abdel Ebrahim, @email

Safwat Hanna, @email

Vietnamese Student Association    
Woman of the World Jennifer Delinski, @email  
Yearbook (Lock and Key) Jennifer Delinski, @email B136
Young Democrats Holly Biehl, @email C101
Woman of the World

Jennifer Delinski


Young Life Breakfast Club Meryl Cox, B112

***  These are curricular classes with extra-curricular opportunities. Should you be interested in those opportunities, please contact the teacher listed.