SAT Weekend Testing

Weekend SAT Testing 

Next Testing Date - August 26, 2023


Updated Parking information

  • Students with last names A-L taking the SAT  should park in the front parking lot and check in at Entrance 1.
  • Students with last names M-Z  taking the SAT  should park in the faculty parking lot and check in at Entrance 15.

Report to your designated SCHS entrance promptly at 7:30 AM


Required Materials

Students must bring the following materials with them on the day of the exam, which are required to take the assessment. 

  • Photo ID – a method of identification including a picture that is NOT expired. Please see the SAT ID Requirements page for more details. It must be an original, physical document (not photocopied or electronic).  Examples include:
    • School Picture ID
    • Driver’s License/Learner’s Permit with Picture
    • Passport
  • College Board Test Ticket – You must bring a printed test ticket. Make sure your birth date and registration number are legible on the printed ticket.
  • No. 2 pencils- do NOT bring bring mechanical pencils or pens – pencils will NOT be available on Test day
  • Emergency contact information  - this is simply a piece of paper with your name and a contact phone number in case of emergency (since many of us don’t have phone numbers memorized in this technological era anymore)
  • Note - Masks are no longer required at South County High School for SAT Weekend testing. Students who choose to wear a mask may have to lower it briefly in order to verify identification at their assigned building entrance and upon arriving at their testing room.

Permitted Materials

Students are permitted to bring the following materials: 

  • Hand sanitizers and/or wipes - May be taken into the exam room but must remain underneath the desk while the exam is underway
  • Approved calculator - Schools will not provide calculators on the day of testing.
  • Food/water - May be taken into the exam room but must remain underneath the desk while the exam is underway and may be accessed outside of the testing room only during breaks, unless a specific accommodation allows otherwise

Prohibited Materials

Students are prohibited to use the following materials in the testing room and during breaks:

  • Use of electronic devices is prohibited from the time the student is admitted to the building until they are dismissed at the end of the test, including break times. Specifically:
      • Students may not handle or access a cell phone or electronic device at any time in the testing room or during break times. This includes smart watches, fitness bands, and any other devices with recording, internet, or communication capabilities.
      • All devices, including cell phones and wearable devices, must be turned off and removed from the testing room
    • Recommendation: do not bring your electronic device into the building!!!

Arrival and Check-In - 

  • Report to your designated SCHS entrance promptly at 7:30 AM
  • You will be turned away if you are not wearing a mask that meets FCPS guidelines or if you try to enter the testing site with materials that are not approved for testing.
  • Walk-ins will not be permitted. Only students who have registered for the exam through College Board and have a test ticket confirming South County as their testing location will be allowed to test.

Dismissal and Pick-Up

After you are finished testing and have submitted your appropriate materials, you will be dismissed from your testing room. You may not access any electronic device until you are off of school grounds.

Approximate Dismissal Times

SAT with standard time: 1:30 PM

SAT with extended time: 2:30 PM


If you have any questions about Saturday SAT procedures, please email the SAT Coordinator, Graham Beaber, at [email protected]

If you have questions regarding the SAT Test itself, you can access the SAT Student Guide here for details.