Drivers Education

Drivers Education requirements and general information for students in FCPS

General Information:

  • 1 Quarter of 10th Grade H&PE          
  • Appears as a stand-alone grade on transcript but is not a stand-alone course.

          - Graded as    “P”    Passed classroom and attended PSTD

          - “I”     Passed classroom and have NOT attended PSTD

          - “F”    Failed classroom


What happens if they fail or are not enrolled in 10th Grade H&PE ?



Licensing Requirements:

  • 15 years and 6 month - permit at DMV or SCHS       
  • Hold permit for at least 9 months and complete the following:

         - Pass classroom drivers education which includes attending Partners for Safe Teen Driving

         - Log 45 hours of driving time

         - Sign up & pass Behind the Wheel (see FCPS links below) - Through FCPS or private company,  BTW @ FCPS $329, Follow on twitter for deals @ACE_Driver_Ed


Learner's Permit Test and Behind the Wheel Class Listings and Locations: