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AP Testing Information

2021 AP Exam Information and Updates

This school year, students will take their Advanced Placement (AP) exam(s) either in person using a paper/pencil format or at-home digitally, depending on the course.  FCPS students will take their AP exams during the *College Board AP Exam Administration 2 (May 18-28).  Please see the South County AP Exam Schedule (posted below) for exam dates, times, and formats. AP Teachers will communicate with students regarding the exam format and how to prepare for the AP exams in their specific course(s).  Students will be able to take the digital exams using their FCPS issued laptops or personal desktop/laptop computers (smartphones/Ipads/personal chromebooks may not be used for 2021 digital AP Testing). Instructions on how to prepare for at-home digital exams will be provided at a later date.  AP exam information will be communicated to student via FCPS Gmail accounts.  Students should check their FCPS Gmail accounts frequently for exam updates and information. 

*Exception: The French Language and Culture Exam will be on May 10 at 8:00 AM. 

Make-Up Exam Options (Administration 3) 

Digital Portfolio Submission Deadlines

  • AP Art and Digital Design Portfolio Due: Thursday, May 20th at 11:59PM

AP Exam Cancellation Information

We understand that during this challenging school year, students may want to cancel their AP exam. Students are able to cancel an AP exam this school year without penalty. 

  • If a student is scheduled to take an AP exam and wishes to cancel, the student should notify the school AP Testing coordinator (using the Exam Schedule Acknowledgement form below) by March 24th to request cancellation. Students who paid for an exam in MySchoolBucks and wish to cancel will also need to complete the Refund Request Form by May 3rd to request a refund be processed. (Students must fill out the form using their FCPS Google account.) 

AP Exam Schedule Acknowledgement Form

All AP students at SCHS must complete the South County AP Exam Schedule Acknowledgement Form by March 24th.  (Students must fill out the form using their FCPS Google account.)  By completing the form, students are verifying their exam dates, test format and intention to test.  Students who need to request alternative testing arrangements or cancel an exam, may do so using the form.  Alternative testing arrangements requests will be considered for the following students:

  • Virtual students who are scheduled to take a paper math or science test in school, may request a digital (at-home) exam during Administration 3 in June.
  • Students who are scheduled to take a digital exam at home and do not have adequate testing space, can request to take the exam digitally (in-person) at McLean.
  • Students who have two exams on the same day AND time can request to take one exam digitally (at-home) during Administration 3 in June.  
  • Students who have extended time accommodations with two tests on the same day can request to take one exam digitally (at home) during Administration 3 in June.  

Please Note:  AP World Language and Music Theory exams MUST be taken in person.  There is not a digital exam option for these courses.  

AP Exam Transportation Requests

Students who require bus transportation for one or more of their in-person exams should fill out the AP Exam Transportation Request Form below by April 9th. (Students must fill out the form using their FCPS Google account.) 

World Language/ Music Theory Transportation Request Form

Math/ Science Transportation Request Form

AP Exam Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about the 2021 AP exams, please see the Frequently Asked Questions regarding AP Testing on the FCPS 2021 AP/IB Testing webpage. For questions specific to South County High School, please see the SCHS AP Testing website or email Mr. Bird, AP Test Coordinator, at @email

2020-21 FCPS AP Exam Registration and Fees

 AP students should register for their AP exams online using the College Board MyAP platform.  AP teachers will provide students with an AP course “Join Code” that will allow students to access AP resources and register for the AP exam online.  The deadline to join AP courses in MyAP and register for exams is October 23rd.

Exam Registration Instructions for AP Students:

  1.  Ensure you’ve joined your class section online by October 23rd.
    • Sign in to MyAP with your College Board account and make sure you’ve joined your class section. If you haven’t, you’ll need to follow the steps to join your section online.  *Note: AP teachers will provide “Join Codes” within the first three weeks of school.
  2. Review your registration details.
    • Once you have joined the class section for each AP course you are taking, you are automatically registered for the corresponding AP exam.  As confirmation of your registration, the date and time of your exam will appear in your class section view in My AP. 
  3. Review the AP exam calendar.
  4. Pay any exam fees that you owe.
    • FCPS pays for the first six AP exams a student takes throughout their high school career.  Each AP exam beyond the first six FCPS-funded exams will incur a non-refundable fee of $95.00 (per exam).  Student AP exam fees will be billed via MySchoolBucks in December.  Fees should be paid within 30 days of receiving the invoice.
    • FCPS AP Exam Fee Information

AP Exam Registration Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I opt-out of an AP exam? 
    • AP Opt-out forms will be distributed to students via mail the first week of October.
      • Submitting opt-out requests will be implemented via a Google form. That form can be found here. Note: students must be logged into their @fcpsschools.net account to access this form.
      • If your student plans to take all of their AP tests, do NOT submit this form; however, please note that fees will be charged for any AP tests registered for beyond the six FCPS-funded tests.
      • Students and parents must complete the opt-out Google form by October 23rd.
      • If you do not opt-out by the October 23rd deadline, you will be billed for any exams beyond the 6 FCPS-funded tests via MySchoolBucks in December.   
  2. What happens if I register for the test, but I don’t sit for the AP exam? 
    • For the 2020-2021 School Year ONLY, if you do not sit for an AP exam for which you registered, you will NOT incur a fee.
  3. Can I take an AP exam if I’m NOT enrolled in the course?
    • Students may request to take one or more AP tests without being enrolled in the corresponding course.  Requests will be granted based on seat availability/testing room capacity for AP courses currently offered at McLean HS.  For exams with limited seats/capacity, non-enrolled students will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.  Students will be responsible for the test fee(s) and these test(s) will not count towards their six FCPS-funded tests.  A non-enrolled student AP exam order form is available in the main office.  The initial exam order deadline is October 23rd, the late-registration exam deadline is March 1st.   “Exam only” join codes will be provided to students upon receiving exam fees.  Please note that students who are self-studying will not have access to the same online materials/resources as those enrolled in the courses. 
  4. For additional information regarding AP exam fees, please the FCPS website at https://www.fcps.edu/testfees-questions.

College Board Testing Accommodations

Students who would like to apply to College Board for testing accommodation must do so before January 15, 2021.  See the links below for the College Board accommodations request calendar and application.  

For further questions regarding College Board testing Accommodations, please contact Telia Johnson, SSD Coordinator, at [email protected]

AP Exam Schedule

20-21 AP Exam Schedule