The South County Senior Experience


Description of Program:

Eligible seniors can choose to participate in a 1-week internship with local businesses and/or other local organizations in our community. This experience will benefit students by helping them explore possible areas of interest for college, and to provide tangible experience in a real workplace where they can put their academic interests into action.  Students are responsible for finding and arranging their own location for their Senior Experience.



Applications will begin to be collected after winter break and will continue to be collected until 1 week prior to spring break. The experience itself will be conducted during the last week of regular classes prior to senior final exams.


Eligibility Requirements:

A senior is eligible for the program if they meet the following criteria:

  1. The student must not have any pending or remaining End of Course tests or SOL tests left to take as of the start of the internship.
  2. The student must remain in good standing to graduate on-time from South County High School.
  3. The student must complete and return all pertinent forms, including the Parent Authorization form, the Mentor Confirmation form, the Teacher Acknowledgement page, and any Teacher-Student Agreements made for remaining course requirements. 
  4. The student must fulfill all requirements of the program throughout the experience, or they will be withdrawn from participation and expected to resume attending their regular classes.  In this case, students will be responsible for any missed work.



A student’s 4th quarter grade will be determined by the grades achieved up to the point of the start of the internship unless otherwise stated in a Teacher-Student Agreement. Students are to return to SCHS for Final Exams. 


Student Share Fair:

Students will participate in a share fair in which they field questions from faculty, staff, and students about their experience. 


*Teacher Acknowledgement Page and Agreements:

Seniors are required to discuss with teachers any outstanding major projects/requirements that may conflict with the Senior Experience schedule. Requirements could vary. Scheduling work hours around these commitments may require careful planning on the part of the student.  Please meet with your teacher to determine specific requirements.


Application Packet

This application packet is to be completed and turned to Mr. Southard in room B140.


Sample Letter

In addition to the application packet, linked below is an editable letter that students can save, edit, and send to prospective employers. 

Questions or Concerns?

Please direct all questions or concerns to Mr. Southard at [email protected]