Student Council


  • Promote the interests of South County High School
  • Provide a platform for the student body to express their concerns and opinions
  • Promote and maintain an inclusive, accepting, and positive school culture


  • To enhance communication among and between students, administration, and staff
  • To promote an environment conducive to learning and positive school culture
  • To promote friendship and respect among students
  • To represent the views of all students on matters of general concern to them
  • To offer solutions to such concerns to administration and staff


  • Systems of Support Advisor – Ms. Tina Wrubluski, SOSA
  • Teacher Sponsors – Ms. Tanya Smith & Mr. Paul Haynes

Council Members

  • Council members are comprised of students from various clubs/societies in an effort to accurately represent the entire student body
  • Students are nominated to the Council by teacher sponsor/staff/administration

Council Meetings

  • Every FOCUS Homeroom period
  • Meet in the Library

General Assembly

  • Once per quarter – Council and Homeroom Representatives attend
  • Every Homeroom class will elect one student representative that embodies Stallion PRIDE
  • All representatives will meet in the auditorium to receive an update on Student Council work and have the opportunity to bring concerns or ask questions from their Homeroom classes.

Student Council Projects

  • Promote STALLION PRIDE school wide beginning October 19th during homeroom
  • Homeroom activities October 31st  through January 19th to celebrate each aspect of P.R.I.D.E
  • WE ARE project – A visual display representing South County which will demonstrate that everyone is welcome and a part of Stallion Nation


SCHS Pride